How to Find the Perfect Valentine’s Day Teddy Bear

valentine's day teddy bears

Need a romantic gift? Get a Valentine’s Day Teddy Bear!

Valentine’s Day is an important day in any couple’s relationship. It is the day that is entirely devoted to showing off your love! February 14th also serves as a day for hopeless romantics to profess their love to their crushes. Whether you are in a committed relationship or looking to make your feelings known, there is one gift that works great for all romantics: the teddy bear! For years the teddy bear has served as a quintessential romantic gift and it is not surprising why. With their cuddly plush bodies and cute little smiles, stuffed animals provide a loving companion to snuggle up with. Valentine’s Day teddy bears can give your sweetie pie something soft to remind them of you when you two are not together!

Step 1: Shop Personalized

Valentine’s Day gifts are supposed to come from the heart, so it only makes sense to find something personal. Rather than just buying something from the store that is one of a million identical items; customize a plush animal to make it truly one-of-a-kind.

Step 2: Find the Cutest Face

Finding the perfect plush animal can be a challenge. But, we have various different teddy bear designs in multiple sizes and colors that should make it easier to sort through and find the right fit. We also have more than just bears! If your Valentine loves lions, penguins, elephants, or other types of animals, we’ve got you covered!

Step 3: Choose Your Favorite Design

At 800Bear, we have multiple levels of personalization options that range from simple to more detailed. Being able to choose from our selection of designs or upload your own, you can find the image that best describes your relationship.

Step 4: Compose a Heartfelt Message

This may be the most important step of them all! Once you’ve picked out the perfect teddy bear gift and the perfect design, it’s time to personalize. Each of our personalized teddy bears has an area for you to display your romantic message. Make sure you think long and hard about this one so you can give a love gift that is sure to be cherished.

If you follow these steps, we guarantee that your sweetheart will love the personalized Valentine’s Day teddy bear that you give them!

Need help getting started? Here are just a couple of our favorites from the Valentine’s Day collection:

Personalized I Love You Teddy Bear


Cuddle up with this classic look










Embroidered I Love You Teddy Bear – 12″


A cute bear with an even cuter sweater










I’m APE Over You Monkey – 14″


They’ll go bananas for this!










Personalized Be Mine Lion – 12″


Great for your mane man











Find a great selection of personalized bears for any occasion at or call us toll free at 1-800-800-BEAR (2327)

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History of the Teddy Bear



Every night, millions of kids around the world snuggle up with their Teddy Bear when they head off to bed. This is because Teddy bears have been the trusty companions of children for generations. But, have you ever wondered where the Teddy bear originated?

The Story

You may be surprised to learn that the story of the Teddy bear is one with some historical significance. The “Teddy” from Teddy bear actually comes from the nickname for Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th President of the United States. As the story goes, President Roosevelt was out on a hunting trip with a group of people but was having very little luck with his shooting. In an effort to help boost the President’s morale, one of his assistants trapped a black bear and tied it to a tree. Rather than shooting the bear on the spot, his assistant waited for the President to get there so that the President could take responsibility. Upon his arrival, Teddy refused to shoot the bear. News of this merciful act spread quickly and a cartoon depicting the incident appeared in the Washington Post. Although the actual bear from the story was a full sized adult, the cartoon portrayed it as a cute little bear cub. Seeing this cartoon, a candy shop owner from New York named Morris Michtom stitched together a plush bear and named it “Teddy’s Bear”.

After receiving permission from President Roosevelt to continue using this name, Michtom went on to mass produce the Teddy Bear and the rest is history. Since this inception, Teddy bears have grown to become one of the most recognized children’s toys of all time. From birthdays, to Christmas, to a stay in the hospital; the gift of a Teddy bear is one that works for many occasions.

Here are some of our favorite bears for every occasion:

Valentine’s Day

personalized valentine's day teddy bear









Show your sweetie pie how much you really love them this Valentine’s Day with a cute bear! Our Personalized I Love You Teddy Bear is an adorable way to display your love.


personalized graduation gift teddy bear









You’re never too old for a Teddy bear, that’s why this Graduation Cap and Gown Teddy Bear is perfect for any recent graduate. Personalize with any name and graduation year for a truly unique gift.

Get Well Soon

feel better white teddy bear









This big fluffy Teddy bear is sure to lift the spirits of anyone in need. With a personalized t-shirt, our custom Latte bear will put a smile on everyone’s face.


personalized baby gift teddy bear









There’s no better way to welcome your newborn baby into the world than a cuddly Teddy bear. This personalized Peek-A-Boo bear holds a soft blanket and says phrases like “Peek-a-boo, I see you”.


personalized birthday teddy bear gift









Say “Happy Birthday” in a memorable way this year with a personalized Teddy bear! This Coco Girl bear is made of a super soft minky fabric and wears a festive birthday t-shirt.


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A Very Bear-y Christmas!

  Now that the holiday season is in full swing, the search for the perfect Christmas gift begins. When it comes to shopping for little children, it is easy to get lost in all of the holiday season toy bombardment. While toy trends and fads come and go, there are some gifts that have withstood […]

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The Power of a Teddy Bear!

Teddy Bear Helps Autistic Boy For many babies and children, the teddy bear plays a large role in their lives. They provide comfort and security in the form of a soft and snuggly bear that they often take everywhere. This is just the case for a young boy named Lucas Hoffart and his teddy bear, […]

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Birthday Bear Wishes

Birthdays are the one day of the year where you celebrate a friend or loved one for simply being born and being in your life. It’s an exciting day, and we don’t think there’s anyone who doesn’t look forward to celebrating their birthday. You can really go above and beyond to make someone feel special on […]

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Teddy Bear Toast

Don’t know what to make your kids for breakfast? Want to sneak in some healthy fruits? We have a fun idea! Make teddy bear toast, a breakfast your children will love to see on the table. All you need is: 1.  Bread 2. A banana 3. Peanut Butter 4. Blueberries Toast your bread, then spread […]

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Teddy Bear Friendship Day

Friendship Day is held on the first Sunday in August each year. Originally created by Hallmark to use greeting cards, this holiday has evolved tremendously. This day is a time to celebrate the special people in your life. You can spend this day outside at a picnic or going to the beach, but however you do, it’s […]

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Is your teddy bear feeling sick? Do they have a broken bone? The University of Newcastle School of Medicine is happy to help. Medical students offered kids to bring their stuffed animals for a checkup in effort to make them feel better about going to the doctor themselves. The day also consisted of fun activities such as […]

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Teddy Bear Picnic Day

Just last week America celebrated a new holiday- Teddy Bear Picnic Day was real! On July 10, people from all over Chicago gathered at the Millennium Knickerbocker hotel for a day filled with fun activities. Guests had the chance to meet celebrities such as Winnie the Pooh, the Paddington Bear, and the Care Bears while […]

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