The Power of a Teddy Bear!

Teddy Bear Helps Autistic Boy

For many babies and children, the teddy bear plays a large role in their lives. They provide comfort and security in the form of a soft and snuggly bear that they often take everywhere. This is just the case for a young boy named Lucas Hoffart and his teddy bear, who have become social media sensations.

Lucas is a 2 year old Canadian boy with autism who spends every waking hour with his teddy bear. Like many young children, Lucas relies on his teddy for safety and security in times of distress. The duo became social media sensations recently when Lucas’ bear went missing and his mother, Jessica, took to Twitter to call for help in finding it. Jessica set up a Twitter account called “Let’s Find Teddy” which quickly gained attention around the family’s hometown and, according to an article written by Today, a local news station picked up the story and broadcast it. In a matter of days, Lucas was reunited with his teddy thanks to the efforts of a Good Samaritan. Lucas’ mother Jessica told Today that Lucas was overjoyed upon being reunited with his bear.

“He was jumping and skipping with how happy he was. He grabbed the bear and hugged the bear and put the bear near his face…I have no words to tell you how surprised and how happy I am with all the response.”

After a few rough days, Lucas and his teddy bear were back together again and everything was right in the world. The “Let’s Find Teddy” Twitter account posted this picture a couple of days ago to show the dynamic duo back together again:

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This story is a touching reminder of how important teddy bears can be to young children as they are growing and experiencing new things. If you have a young child, or know someone who is expecting, consider giving the gift of an adorable companion.

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The power of the connection between a child and their teddy bear is often overlooked, but this bond is important and unbreakable. Just look at Lucas for example, a boy whose teddy is so ingrained in his every action. Giving a child the gift of a teddy bear is giving them more than just a plush doll, it’s giving them a buddy. A life vest. A comrade. So when the holiday season rolls around, or when a loved one welcomes a child into the world, or for no particular reason at all; consider personalized bears as a gift idea.

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