Soft and Cuddly Romantic Gifts

Sometimes the best way to proclaim your love is through a thoughtful gift. Although the details of a perfect love gift might vary from person to person, there are some gifts that are timeless classics which anyone will love to receive. The top four timeless romantic gifts are: jewelry, flowers, chocolates, and teddy bears.

Jewelry can be expensive, so usually necklaces and rings are kept for truly special occasions. Flowers look nice, but they will not last forever. That just leaves chocolates and teddy bears, and chocolate expires! So, out of all of these romantic gift ideas there is only one that is built to last and won’t bankrupt you: the teddy bear.

Cute little teddy bears are great love gifts for any occasion, especially for your sweetheart. With their adorable smiles and soft plush bodies, stuffed animals are a good representation of the warm and fuzzy feeling you get when you and your loved one are together.

At 800Bear, we recognize how important of a role stuffed animals play in people's lives. No matter what age we are, as humans we need comfort and security. Psychological studies have shown that people use inanimate objects to satisfy these instinctual needs of love and security. From little children carrying around stuffed animals to emergency crews supplying blankets to those who have experienced a traumatic experience, we use objects to make ourselves feel safer. This is part of the reason why plush teddy bears are such popular romantic gifts. Since you may not always be there to comfort your loved one in person, a stuffed animal can serve as a legitimate surrogate and provide loving security when they truly need it.

Whether it’s a wedding, an anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or just a random day where you want to show your love, why not give them a personalized teddy bear!

couples plush teddy bear love gift

couples plush monkey love gift

couples plush teddy bear love gift

Make any romantic occasion just a bit sweeter with one of our great romance bears!

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