Throw the Perfect Teddy Bear Picnic!

Find bears for your teddy bear picnic on!Summer is the perfect season for a picnic, and if your little ones love spending time with their personalized teddy bears, then that’s something you can use to throw a great outdoor party for your child and some of their close friends!

Did you ever have a teddy bear picnic? The idea is that you throw a special picnic and that each guest brings their teddy bear to enjoy the festivities with them. You can bring teddy bear clothes and accessories so that each guest can dress up their bears. From there, you play games, enjoy treats and have fun. It’s a wonderful summertime activity for the kids to participate in when they’re out of school for the season. They’ll love being able to play outside with their personalized plush animal by their side.

Here are a few tips and tricks to make your teddy bear picnic perfect:

  • Make your invitations creative. Attach the invite to a small teddy bear, put it on a checkered tablecloth with an image of a teddy bear on it, or write a clever teddy bear poem. Either way, make sure the theme of the party is clear, or make it known that it’s a picnic.
  • Have a station set up for playing with your teddy bears. Make sure each guest’s teddy is dressed for the picnic occasion by bringing cute teddy bear costumes and accessories for the kids to play with. They’ll love getting their personalized stuffed animals “ready” for the picnic they’re about to enjoy.
  • Set up a photo station. Have another parent or yourself on hand to take picture of each child with their teddy bear at the event! This will make a great photo memory that they’ll look back on fondly for years to come.
  • Have kid friendly snacks on hand! Food with honey, bear-shaped sandwiches and even teddy bear themed cupcakes will turn your picnic into a rousing success!

These are just a few ways to make your teddy bear picnic unforgettable this summer! Do you have any more ideas to share?

Check out our website to see a variety of personalized teddy bears and plush animals that your youngsters would love to take to a picnic of their own.

Have a “beary” good day!

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