Make Someone Smile This Week

Find personalized teddy bears at 800Bear.comAt 800Bear, we’re all about making your friends and loved ones smile. It’s amazing how receiving a smile from one person, or being able to smile due to something that someone has done for you, can have such a profound impact on your day. It can take your day from bad to better, it can make you go from feeling lousy to feeling okay. The power of a smile is amazing.

What’s even more amazing is being the person to make others smile. There’s something incredibly special about being the one to bring joy into other peoples’ lives.

We came across this awesome blog post from that outlines 101 Ways to Make People Smile. Give it a read. We’ll bet that you find that the vast majority of them are incredibly easy, every day things that you can do.

And if all else fails, giving them a personalized teddy bear certainly wouldn’t hurt.

Keep smiling, and have a “beary” great day!

The 800Bear Team
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