Give Someone a “Get Well” Pick-Me Up!

There’s nothing worse than being sick in the summertime. The weather is warm, the sun is shining, and all you want to do is be outside doing fun things with your family and friends. This is particularly rough for kids, who spend the majority of the year cooped up in school and really want to […]

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Show Your Sweetheart You Care!

Everyone needs to know that they’re appreciated and loved from time to time, particularly your significant other. You spend so much time with this person and your feelings are strong. Sometimes, we tend to think that these feelings are simply understood, but in reality, we all need a little reassurance from time to time. You […]

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Three Steps to a “Get Well” Gift Basket

Being sick is the worst, particularly in the summer time. Instead of getting outside and enjoying the nice weather, you or your loved one is stuck in bed watching everyone else have a fun start to the season. When this happens to someone you love, there’s one way that you can put a smile back […]

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Go Back To Your Childhood…

At 800Bear, we’re all about two things: smiles and personalized teddy bears. The combination of these two things seems to bring out the inner child in everyone. Sometimes, regardless of age, it’s nice to have a little memento from when we were younger. It reminds us of the happy times of being a child. Whether […]

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Our Top Three Favorite Graduation Bears

Graduation 2013 is just around the corner! Have you figured out what you’re getting your favorite graduate yet? There are a number of possibilities of what you could get, but how about something a little more personal? Our personalized graduation bears make great gift options! They’re unique, from the heart and act as a very […]

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How To Name Your Teddy Bear

Your youngster has opened their birthday gift. Inside was their new best friend: a personalized teddy bear. This cute and cuddly creature is one that they’ll cherish for years to come, so naturally they’ll need to name it. When you make the suggestion, however, your child isn’t sure what to name their new friend. Thankfully, […]

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Today’s Reminder: Show Appreciation

In light of the horrific events at the Boston Marathon on Monday, it got us thinking. When’s the last time that you showed your friends and family how much you appreciated them? When’s the last time you told them that you loved them and that you were thankful that they’re in your life? Events like […]

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